ROOM 111, Period 1

Transportation Camp 2015 DC

Millennial transportation planners grew up with GPS, WiFi, smart phones. Allows us to work everywhere... except government.

To get to the dream of greener livable places, NACTO, green bike lanes etc all in five years in planning industry, While innovation disrupts private industries like taxi, fare payment etc

Some predictions bybthe panel in the coming year:

A funding update to the gas tax may come, but without reform such that you get enough money, but for the same old projects as before.

Federal action will be guided by where people are from or how urban oriented they are. Performance measures grow out of a need to spend efficiently - conservative values prevail in a productive way.

Caution about private companies providing the value of a public service without the transparency or assurance that its being done equitably

For a private cometitive company providing these public goods and wanting to be considered a public service, they need to play bybthe rules of public service. How do we ensure service to underserved areas?

Lets not forget that employee wages take 70% of transit costs, so we still need attention there. To solve the math, its either cutting service or affectinv the workforce. Are you okay with that?