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Schedule of sessions and links to notes
  • Session 1
Frank H
  • Session 2
who are behind urban transpo innovations? 
Brainstorm/ideas/discussion with Elizabeth Sall
Stephanie D Ways we can get the research to happen with less admin burden, make it more useful to practitioners, more cost-efficient (bureaucracy = $$$$)
Every year the public sector spends $150 billion
DIY Connected Vehicle Tracking via Raspberry Pi
Tampa & Phoenix
Where to next?
Fancy footwork + the right-on-red scare
Technology, Pricing, Integration, Equity
Traditional meeting: Engage thousands (or millions)(or billions)  
  • Session 3
(Moving Beyond Trapeze)
with Sirinya Matute, City of Santa Monica Big Blue Bus.
Visualizing what's possible in faster, more iterative ways.
Led by: Tiffany Chu and Sam Hashemi, Transitmix and Holly Krambeck, World Bank
Grace O Presented/moderated by Greater Greater Washington editors and contributors
Frank H How to map out what is really on the mind of a customer to understand what they really want to add their value. 
Alternative title: using data (from apps) gleaned from transport to better inform land use planning  
  • Session 4
Chris Ganson and Ronald Milam. Explaining the reasons for moving from LOS (level of service) to VMT (vehicle miles travelled). 
E S Creating a new curriculum for transpo-tech professionals
(Working with GTFS, APIs, PEMS, etc.)
An Open Standard for hailing a taxi, private car, paratransit, rideshare, etc. With Phil Ashlock.
1066 days ago
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Room 308 Making Research Happen

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