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Sharada Strasmore

1066 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Grace Oran 1066 days ago
*note, we are talking about big cities. Think about small places with bus as only public transit option, limited systems
Grace O Ideas from Steven Yaffe - syaffe@arlingtonva.us
  • What if regular riders had a card for riding that didn't charge the fare directly.
  • What if that card served as a counter for # of boarding by provider, mode, route and time.
  • What if that card was attached to a bank account preferably, credit card account or Google wallet account.
  • What if cash riders bought a card from vendors or sidewalk machines for a daily round trip before boarding
  • What if the riders selected how often they want their Transit charges drawn down, EZ Pass style, based on their income cash flow?
  • What if member jurisdictions on the back end set policies for discounts based on frequency of use? 
  • Wouldn't that avoid the need for cell phone transmissions, exposure to hacking, and most of the costs of the envisioned system?
  • Wouldn't need to be restricted by mode, could include bikeshare. The target would just record the unique card ID, date, time, route, hopefully GPS, and provider #. Data would be downloaded by probe daily (time of downloading wouldn't matter).

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